The mechanism to be followed at the University of Seville for the access to the period of research is described in the web Access to Doctoral Programs.

The usual procedure for access to the research period will be the master degree in “Microelectronics: Design and Applications of Micro/Nanometric Systems” constituting the training period of the programme. From our previous experience, especially the most recent, we receive requests for access from various geographical origins and with a very heterogeneous profile of previous formation. Therefore, has no special meaning set minimum access requirements such as number of credits, degrees and specific master's degrees, or subjects of the Master in Microelectronics studied, it will be difficult to set up homologations or equivalences.

It will be a responsibility of the Academic Commission to establish, for each of the applicants, if he has the minimal competencies that enable him to realize the research period of the Program of Doctorate. If the number of applicants with the minimum skills exceed the number of places offered there will be applied a priority scales to applicants on the basis of the adequacy of previous studies (50%) and curriculum vitae (50%).


Verificado por la Comisión de Verificación de Planes de Estudio del Consejo de Universidades el 30 de junio de 2010