The procedure of the Quality Assurance System of the Programs of Doctorate provide the mechanism to be followed at the University of Seville in order to obtain the relevant information to improve the teaching-learning process carried out in the Programs of Doctorate.

In addition to the monitoring procedures of quality assurance system the Doctoral Program provides mechanisms to disseminate the Program through publication of information on curriculum its development and its results. The application of this procedure ensures the existence of an accessible system of information prior to enrollment.

The planned information systems are channeled through two basic processes: the information that with general character offers the University of Seville, Vice-rectorate for Postgraduate and Doctorate, and information offered by the Doctoral Program through its own website and posters specifically designed for that purpose, and links available on the web sites of the Department and university portals used by the majority of students

Committee responsible for the quality assurance system: Academic Committee of the doctoral programme. Such Academic Committee is formed by five professors of the doctoral program. One of its activities is to track results and put forward suggestions and guidelines to teachers of the doctoral program.


Verificado por la Comisión de Verificación de Planes de Estudio del Consejo de Universidades el 30 de junio de 2010