The aim of the PhD program is the training of students, researchers and professionals in Microelectronics, under general principles of the respect for fundamental rights and equality between men and women, and promotion of human rights, accessibility, equality of opportunity and non-discrimination. The ultimate goal of students in the research period of the doctoral programme is to accomplish his doctoral thesis. For this, the directors of the work will enhance the research skills of students, guide their activities, encourage scientific cooperation with members of other related research groups, managing the stay in other centers where the research activities are of interest to the objectives of the doctoral thesis, will facilitate the assistance to specialized scientist-technical congresses, and will guide the drafting of articles in first order international journals.

The basic competencies of the PhD Program in Microelectronics are:

  • That the students have demonstrated a systematic comprehension of the Microelectronics and the skills and research methods associated with it.
  • That the students have demonstrated the ability to conceive, design, implement and adopt a substantial process of research with academic integrity.
  • That the students have made a contribution through original research to expand the frontiers of knowledge by developing a substantial corpus, that deserves some part the publication in a indexed national or international journal
  • That the students are able to make a critical analysis, evaluation and synthesis of new and complex ideas.
  • That the students can communicate with his colleagues, with the academic community and the society about their areas of expertise.
  • That students are able to promote, in academic and professional contexts, the technological, social and cultural progress within a knowledge-based society.

The specific competencies of the PhD Program are described in each research line.

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Doctoral Program with Mention of Excellence by Resolution of October 6, 2011 of the General Secretariat of Universities (BOE no. 253, October 20, 2011).


Verificado por la Comisión de Verificación de Planes de Estudio del Consejo de Universidades el 30 de junio de 2010